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they did wonders

Our rescue dog, Bernie, did the two-week board and train this summer. I warned them that Bernie might be their biggest challenge yet. Undeterred, they did wonders for Bernie. He doesn’t go crazy when new people come into the house, he walks really well on a leash, and is generally just a calmer, more well-behaved dog. He would still like to chase down every rabbit he sees, but he no longer pulls me off my feet trying to get to them. Thanks, OLK9, for showing us what he’s capable of!
Donna Gonzalez  // Verified Google Review

We’re completely blown away

We’re completely blown away We really cannot say enough good things about Off Leash K9, or our trainer! We’re completely blown away by the huge improvement our Great Dane has made. It’s only our first day back with her and so many of my neighbors have complimented her on how well behaved she is now! We are so grateful to have found this program and for our trainer who was nothing short of amazing. We will forever recommend Off Leash K9!
Jesika Lopez  // Verified Google Review

totally awesome training

Off Leash K9 Training in Texas was totally awesome training our Chocolate Lab. Conroe is 95 lbs and huge! I was fearful walking him because he would pull and I fell several times. He listened intently to all of the trainer’s commands and responded appropriately. No more snatching from counters. No more barking at other dogs. No more not getting along with other dogs. Thank you Off Leash K9 training.
Charlene Couch  // Verified Google Review

Off Leash changed everything!

My dog can walk on AND off leash, heel, come, stay in place and several other commands. The trainer was professional and worked really well with my dog and me. I would recommend Off Leash to ANYONE wanting to train their dog. I can’t say enough good things about it!
Sara Foltermann   // Verified Google Review

Worth every penny!

Highly recommend Off Leash K9 Lewisville! Our 6 month old golden doodle, Hazel, attended the 2 week board and train and we are so impressed but also thankful! The team gave our pup confidence and obedience! She’s the same sweet Hazel just with better manners. She responds to all of her commands and even my 8 year old son can handle her efficiently and easily. She comes straight to him when called, sits at his feet and is ready for the next command. Her house manners are impeccable and I’ve received many compliments on her behavior in public. They kept us updated the entire time she was gone with texts, pictures, and videos. She was flexible in scheduling her hand off class and spent as much time as we needed to feel confident when leaving. Cannot say enough good things! Worth every penny!
Ashli G  // Verified Google Review

Simply amazing!

We have a 9 month old lab (Murphy) that did the board and train. We were skeptical so much could be accomplished in just 2 weeks time but the results exceeded our expectations! Murphy was your typical high energy pup that wasn’t bad, but has puppy behavior that needed correcting. Not coming when called, running at anything and everything he saw, pulling on the leash (horrible walker) and jumping on people. He now walks / heel command just perfect. Even with my 9 and 7 year olds. I am comfortable walking him off leash and we can take him to parks or open areas and are confident he will stay close. He waits patiently when people come to the door. No longer jumps on strangers and really looks to us for commands on how he should behave. We used to take him to doggy daycare 5 days a week so my wife could work from home. Now he hangs with her all day using the place command and couldn’t be better. I swear our trainer has some wizardry skills! Do the board and train; you’ll be glad you did!
Ryan Rathert   // Verified Google Review

The Best Decision We Made!

After the passing of our 13 year old Belgian Malinois, we decided we wanted our next dog to be similarly trained as our girl was. We did a lot of research and found Off Leash K9, and decided that the two week board and train would best fit our needs with our future dog. We made this decision based off the numerous great reviews they had, their use of social media including their videos on YouTube. We initially brought in a 2 year old male Malinois from a rescue into our home and scheduled our training for December 2018. Unfortunately after booking him for his training we had a bite incident with my wife, and had to have him put in the care of someone who could work on his aggression issues.(happy story he’s doing well in his new setting) We contacted OLK9, who did all the scheduling and booking and was absolutely AMAZING every step of the way. We notified them of the incident and they were totally empathetic towards the situation and refunded our $500. We knew at this time we would ABSOLUTELY be using this company moving forward. We ended up adopting a 3 month old Belgian Malinois / gsd who was dumped by a backyard breeder,and rescued by the American Belgian Malinois Rescue. Titan is a wonderful smart dog, yet he knows how to test limits. Needless to say, typical puppy blues occurred and we felt like we weren’t making many strides other than basic tricks. Titan’s recall was particularly bad. He wanted to run, and he wanted us to chase. Titan just got back from the two week board and train with Justin as the trainer, and without a doubt can say it was absolutely worth the money. Our trainer did a phenomenal job with Titan, and really worked on his weaknesses. If you go to their Facebook, Titan is the 5 month old pup walking through DFW Airports terminal, with distractions, totally focused on him. In fact, he and his wife treated Titan like family and included them in their pack, which we really appreciate since he was so young and far away from us. They kept us informed with text messages and update videos which really helped give us peace of mind. To us, our trainers really went above and beyond and you can tell they truly care about these dogs. We absolutely will be recommending this company moving forward to friends and family.
Eric zims  // Verified Google Review

you've come to the right place

I cannot express enough how grateful we are to Justin with Off Leash for the most amazing transformation we’ve seen in our German Shepherd! We took our boy to Off Leash at 5 months (for the 2 week board) and then again for a recommended follow-up and absolutely WOW.

Our beloved boy is so obedient, we are walking him with confidence in public and enjoy having him around without fear of bad behavior. He listens and obeys our commands, much better in a public setting – his overall behavior just greatness and we have our trainer to thank for that – he is absolutely gifted and has a way with animals – he truly is a dog whisperer …if you want your beloved baby to be trained and more well behaved, you’ve come to the right place – we are so happy –


Vinita Singh   // Verified Google Review

I am so happy with the results

I was looking for a place that would help me train my dog. Most places only offer board and train, for 2 to 4 weeks. Off Leash K9 gives you options. I was able to be a part of her training, 1 lesson per week, 4 lessons. Amazing results. I needed a solid recall even when hiking around wildlife. I have that now! I am so happy with the results. Thank you OLK9! The place and heel commands are great too!
Susan B  // Verified Google Review

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